Kate Arneil

Kate Arneil Factual and Litigation Support was formed by Kate Arneil after working under the guidance of Chris Dodkin for over 18 years.   During that time Kate Arneil assisted in the successful settlement of over 2,000 matters  displaying attention to detail and empathy for those suffering due to unforeseen circumstances.

This  boutique business  specialises in obtaining claimant and witness statements to support legal firms in building personal injury claims thereby allowing Solicitors more time to concentrate on   other important aspects of a claim.

• Would you like more time?
The comprehensive information  obtained will not only assist in preparing the Statement of Claim, but is useful for court processes, CARS Assessments and responding to Requests for Further and Better Particulars.  The statement also provides clear and precise information to instruct Barristers, Forensic Accountants and Medico Legal Professionals.

• No Financial Outlay
The services are offered on a ‘No Win, No Pay’ basis (where applicable) thereby reducing financial burden on the law firm or the claimant.

• Do you want to achieve a better understanding of your client?
Interviewing claimants in the comfort of their own home rather than an office environment allows us to gain a better understanding of the client. The relaxed environment, together with our personal interview technique, allows us to obtain extensive detail that may prove imperative to their case.

• Do your clients live intrastate or interstate?
Work is accepted for all destinations on arrangement.


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